About The Organizers

The inspiration for Gen-Earth began with Rachel Parent, founder of the Kids Right to Know Community and youth speaker for the environment and safe food.

2018 Rachel Speaking crop
Rachel Parent
Gen-Earth Director
Founder of Kids Right to Know
Youth Dir. for Regeneration International
Speaker and Activist


Alana Kramarchuk
Earth Valley Organics Ltd – Owner
Certified Organic Crop Farmer            
Director of Regenerative Agriculture & Sustainable Food-Growing Youth Program
Advocate for Safe Food, Children’s Health, Seed Sovereignty, Herbalist
Jennifer Berman Diaz
Event Advisor, Vendor Relations 
Co-founder: Safe Food Matters Inc.,
Toronto Non-GMO Coalition and
Millions Against Monsanto Toronto
JBPR Events, PR, Marketing Comm



Jodi Koberinski, Event Advisor
2015 Oak Fellow for Human Rights,
Founder of Canada’s Beyond Pesticides
campaign, Managing Dir of the
Festival of Dangerous Ideas,
signatory/ambassador for Dr. Vandana
Shiva’s declaration of seed freedom
campaign, and former Exec. Director
of the Organic Council of Ontario,
Jodi is an advocate focused
on climate and food justice.

Lena Rose
Entertainment Coordinator
Student, Actress, Singer



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