About The Organizers

The inspiration for Gen-Earth began with Rachel Parent, founder of the Kids Right to Know Community and youth speaker for the environment and safe food.

Rachel Parent,
Speaker & Activist

The inspiration for Gen-Earth began with

Jennifer Berman Diaz,
Event Advisor/Vendor Relations

Alana Kramarchuk,
Certified Organic Crop Farmer

Advocate for Safe Food, Children’s Health, Seed Sovereignty, Herbalist

Jodi Koberinski, Event Advisor

An advocate focused on climate & food justice.

Luka Kramarchuk,
Gen–Earth Art & Crafts Director

Artist, Author, & Duck Whisperer

  • Earth Valley Organics Ltd., Organic Farmer
  • Youth Advocate for  Animal Welfare, Real Food, Sustainability, Climate Action, Indigenous Rights, Clean Water

Adrianna Couto,
Project Coordinator

Advocate for Climate Action, Food Security, Water Protection, Low-Waste Living, Women’s Rights, and Animal Welfare.

  • Ontario Council for International Cooperation – Special Projects 
  • Ecologos/ Water Docs – Design Team
  • Regeneration International Youth

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