Participate as a Vendor or Exhibitor

As a Gen-Earth Vendor or Exhibitor, you will connect your Eco-Friendly products, services, or sustainable, non-GMO/ organic food brand with thousands of engaged, avid consumers!

Raise awareness about the environmental and health risks associated with chemicals in our everyday products and the environment.

Educate consumers with facts about industrial agriculture’s impact on our environment, and the importance of choosing organic and non-GMO.

Empower people to vote with their dollar when they shop for groceries. Honour the conscientious farmers and businesses who work so hard to serve us!

Gen-Earth attracts new generations that care about the environment and their future—from individuals interested in healthy nutritious food, and food sovereignty advocates, to those interested in environmental stewardship and responsible consumerism.

Detailed Vendor / Exhibitor Information >

Thanks again for your consideration and support!

100% of the event proceeds will be dedicated to build an educational program for schools across North America, providing teachers and students with environmentally regenerative solutions to feed the world and cool the planet.

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