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Drew Dudley
Drew Dudley is a dynamic leadership speaker & author, and is billed as one of the most inspirational TED speakers of all time. The former director of one of the largest university leadership development programs in Canada at the University of Toronto, Drew embraces the idea that “leadership cannot really be taught; it can only be learned.” As he demonstrates in his wildly popular TED and TEDx Talks, we can all be students of leadership—so long as we design, and stick to, a strategy.
Rachel Parent
Environmental & Safe Food Youth Activist and Speaker.
Rachel Parent’s passions include social justice, animal rights, responsible consumption, and environmental protection. In 2012, she founded Kids Right to Know, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth about environmental justice and food safety, challenging kids to claim their right to know what’s in their food, and demanding proper food labeling in Canada. Despite a busy Toronto student schedule, Rachel is a Huffington Post blogger, an international speaker, and has given dozens of television, radio, magazine, and online interviews, including a TEDx Toronto talk and a well-publicized debate with Kevin O’Leary on CBC Television. Rachel is the Founder/Director of Gen-Earth, and the Youth Director for both Regeneration International and the Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation.


The Water Brothers
Alex and Tyler Mifflin had the idea to embark on The Water Brothers project in 2009, when they started working alongside each other at SK Films, conducting research for IMAX® films in development. Alex received his degree in International Development and Environmental Studies from Dalhousie; Tyler is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a major in film production, and an an award-winning videographer and director. Together their series has allowed them to combine their mutual interest in science, the environment and film to explain how humans can harmonize our relationship with water and the natural world.

Joanna Kerr
Joanna Kerr is the Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada, part of a global network working to stop climate change, protect precious biodiversity and advance Indigenous rights. A lifelong feminist and activist, Joanna previously served as the first female Chief Executive of ActionAid International, a global federation based in South Africa working in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice. There, she led an organization-wide strategy that put climate resilient sustainable agriculture and women’s rights at the core of its work. Before that, she led the Association for Women’s Rights in Development, transforming it into one of the most significant global conveners and feminist campaigners, for which she was awarded a leadership prize from the Sigrid Rausing Trust. Joanna has held senior positions with Oxfam Canada and the North-South Institute, where she wrote and edited numerous publications on women’s rights, development and globalization. She currently serves on the Board as Chair for The MATCH International Women’s Fund, Canada’s global fund for women.

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Gabrielle Bastien
Co-founder and Executive Director, Regeneration Canada
Gabrielle’s life mission is to promote regenerative land management as a way to mitigate climate change and foster healthy food systems. This passion arose while obtaining her Master’s degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management at Harvard University, where she realized that soil regeneration presents the greatest opportunity to simultaneously alleviate the food, climate, water and biodiversity crises. Gabrielle led the team that launched the Living Soils Symposium Montreal. She co-founded and is now the Executive Director of Regeneration Canada, a non-profit focused on promoting practices that regenerate soil health and build soil organic matter.

candy headshot
Candice Batista
Founder of digital media company The Eco Hub, Candice is a award-winning environmental journalist and one of Canada’s leading eco advocates. She has produced and reported on various environmental and climate issues for primarily television and digital audiences including Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, The Weather Network, CityTV, Rogers Television, The Pet Network, iChannel, and CTV, where she is currently the National Eco Expert for the station’s No. 1 daytime talk show, The Marilyn Denis Show.

Todd MacLean
Author of Global Chorus 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet, Todd is a freelance journalist and writer who has been an environmental columnist on CBC Radio, a commentator on CBC TV, a saxophonist/pianist/guitarist/music teacher, PEI Musician of the Year 2010, an annual organic street festival event coordinator, and a regular columnist in PEI’s The Guardian.

Alana Kramarchuk
Alana is the founder of Earth Valley Organics Ltd and is a certified organic crop farmer. She is an elementary school educator, and director of the Regenerative Agriculture & Sustainable Food Growing Youth Initiative Program at Earth Valley Organics. She is a passionate advocate for safe food, children’s health, seed saving, and banning pesticides & herbicides in food production. Through her work she has become a steward of the land, defender of biodiversity, protector of Mother Earth.

Jodi Koberinski
Jodi is a Master’s candidate at University of Waterloo on investigating sustainability of Canada’s pulses sector with Dr. Steffanie Scott. A volunteer with the Navdanya Institute in India, Jodi has been working with Dr. Vandana Shiva on Seed Freedom and other campaigns since 2012.
Co-founder of the Dangerous Ideas Festival in Canada, she is also a coordinator of the Praxis Project Permaculture-Inspired Art Festival in New Brunswick.

Anne Petermann photo
Anne Petermann
Anne is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project, and the North American Focal Point for the Global Forest Coalition. She has been working for the protection of forests since 1989, investigated the social, economic, and ecological impacts of genetically engineered trees as well as industrial tree plantations, especially with regard to impacts on Indigenous and forest dependent communities, and has presented these concerns to Parties and delegates at UN Climate Summits, Biodiversity Conventions and Forest Forums on five continents.

Mira Lyonblum
Mira is National Programs Manager at the international NGO Action Against Hunger Canada, a humanitarian organization working to eliminate the root causes of hunger and malnutrition in over 50 countries. Mira’s worked in youth social justice and empowerment program development for many years and is now excited to be running a program which brings mobile food gardens, food growing skills, and food literacy education to youth across Canada.

Rama DelaRosa
Born on the BC Coast, Rama grew up with a profound love of the ocean, and recently made history as the first person to swim around Saltspring Island, BC as a fundraiser to protect the BC Coast and its endangered 76 resident orcas. A musician, composer, choir director, social justice and environmental activist, Rama will inspire you with the way she puts her big love into action to create positive impact.

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Jonah Bryson co-directed the film “The Fight for Bala” with “Sharkwater” director Rob Stewart. At 17, Bryson was presented the Rob Stewart Award for conservation.​ He is now producing a feature ocean documentary with undersea explorer Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau.

Anil Chopra is an entrepreneur, engineer, and software consultant specializing in data analytics and big data. He is the youngest son of the late Dr. Shiv Chopra, one of Canada’s most famous whistleblowers who was an advocate for food safety in Canada. A Canadian microbiologist and human rights activist, Shiv Chopra was involved in one of the first major whistleblowing incidents in the Public Service of Canada. Anil has a unique behind the scenes perspective on his father’s fight to expose the corruption embedded within Health Canada and the threat to the Canadian food supply.

John Bennett has worked on climate and energy issues for decades. He is a Senior Policy Adviser with Friends of the Earth Canada, former Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada, and co-founder of the first Greenpeace office east of the Rockies. Since the 1970s, John has campaigned on energy and environmental issues, including leading a trio of activists in canoes into the Bruse Nuclear Power Plant over security issues. He is a well known and outspoken activist who is often quoted in the media.

Raymond Owl, and Willie Pine, founding members of the Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Elders Group are well respected Elders and Knowledge Keepers. Willie and Ray will discuss the struggle for Indigenous Food Systems: “We’re very concerned about Mother Earth, we were put on this earth to look after our Mother, somewhere we failed… the moose population is going down, the birds are suffering…all because of aerial spraying…. The Anishnaabe respects every animal, the trees and the water. Please see the way we are seeing things.”
The spraying of chemicals. “It must stop, it must be canceled, we are the caretakers of Mother Earth that was given to us by the Creator so that we may continue to live as Anishinabek people for generations to come. We have never relinquished these sacred responsibilities.” Elder Raymond Owl, a founding member of TEK

Kelly Drennan
Founder, Fashion Takes Action
Kelly is a systems thinker, social entrepreneur, thought leader, disruptor and collaborator who is devoted to making change within the fashion industry. Eleven years ago she founded Fashion Takes Action, out of her desire to create a better, more sustainable future for her two daughters, produced World Ethical Apparel Roundtable (WEAR) in 2014, and recently convened a Textile Diversion Collective in Ontario committed to increasing the amount of textiles collected and diverted, as well as to finding solutions for reuse and recycling. Kelly is a sought after consultant for fashion designers and brands who want to embrace CSR and sustainability..

Lindsay Bunce
Lindsay is the Executive Director of Ontario EcoSchools. With over 15 years of local and international experience in environmental education, Lindsay has partnered with diverse stakeholders to develop programs that increase awareness of global issues while supporting local solutions. Holding degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology, and a Master of Education, Lindsay focuses on facilitating meaningful engagement, cultivating collaborative initiatives and deepening ecological literacy among educators and learners. Lindsay is passionate about creating spaces where people can authentically connect with nature.

Jenny Muccioli, My Clothes, My World Classroom Facilitator
Jenny discovered her love for fashion and re-purposing at an early age when she began making her own doll clothes out of lace doilies and pillow shams. Later she earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Ryerson University, and began working with top names in the industry such as Calvin Klein and Izod menswear as a Marketing & Brand Manager. Jenny now runs her own marketing, sales and communication agency here in Toronto where she consults for a variety of brands and corporate clients on brand identity through apparel, design and visual presentation.

Arani Kulamurugan, a grade 12 student at Marc Garneau CI, has been heavily involved in environmental rights since grade seven. In grade nine she joined the Ontario Nature Youth Council, and got the opportunity to intern at Ontario Nature as the Youth Pollinator Conservation Intern. Most of her work pertains to advocacy and educating the public about Ontario’s wild, natural pollinators, and advocating for the strengthening of Ontario’s Bill of Environmental Rights. In addition to this, Arani gave a presentation to TDSB teachers about a possible Pollinator-focused curriculum that they could add to their classroom. Arani’s work doesn’t stop with making change, but also getting other citizens involved. Her current goal is to get four more cities involved in the Bee City Program, to continue to learn from others, and inspire some people of her own to take action to protect the environment in their community! Recently, along with other Ontario Nature Youth Council members, she has started Project Two Degrees, which is a political campaign regarding climate change

John Fortin is the founder of Buddha OffRoading, a global retreat and certified yoga teacher training school. He has connected the presence and mindfulness of yoga with his love for nature through his teachings and adventures. Sharing a meditation, climbing a mountain or cleaning a beach, he feels are all perfect opportunities to connect to the precious earth beneath our feet.


AJB Trio
The Amanda Jackson Trio ~ A CBC Music 2018 Searchlight Top 10 finalist, the P.E.I.-based Amanda Jackson Band grew out of friendship and that clearly remains the heart of the band.  The band is profoundly connected to their lyrics — which often have an element of social awareness — and also to their fans. When you see the Amanda Jackson Band in concert, you get a very intimate and uplifting experience where you can feel the bands love for each other, their music and the audience. The band creates music that feeds the soul and lifts the heart.
Adam CrossmanWhen you close your eyes and listen to Adam’s music, you will have a hard time believing it is just one man on stage with an acoustic guitar, two hands and an endless passion for his art. Adam is a solo acoustic fingerstyle guitarist emerging from the small town of Bethany, Ontario. Simultaneously creating a variety of tones and textures from a mere six-string acoustic guitar, Adam evokes emotion and translate ideas through music using his keen sense of melody and rhythm.
Toronto-based folk pop artist Angela Saini is all about second chances and empowering others.  Her ability to combine humanistic and honest themes laden with catchy hooks and memorable melodies make her entertaining, as well as relatable. With two European and five Canadian treks under her belt, BBC Radio is calling Angela Saini “massively talented” after the release of her sunshine-soaked single “Living on The Bright Side.”  Currently in rotation on the Pop Adult station on Stingray Digital across Canada, Angela is a 2017 Toronto Independent Music Award Winner and blogTO named her in their “Top 5 Folk Acts to Watch.”

Workshop Highlights:

Action Against Hunger Canada
Drop in at our tent to learn about growing your own food in mobile, sub-irrigated systems – and even go home with your very own plant! Learn about how you can get involved in Action Against Hunger‘s efforts, to teach young people all about food literacy – how to grow their own, how food affects our bodies, how food gets from the plant to our plate, why it’s more difficult for people in some parts of Canada to get enough to eat, and more! (Also, if you love seed swaps: Come pick up some free seeds for you to plant at home, and leave yours for others to take! A great way to try something new). 


Clothing repurposed 2
Join the  Fashion Takes Action t-shirt upcycling creative workshop!
Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.42.34 AM
Get the dirt on how to reduce food waste at this VermiComposting workshop with Mike Nevin of FoodShare Toronto.
Cathy Nesbitt is a Worm Advocate and Founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters (est 2002). Cathy is an award-winning local environmental innovator who uses workshops and inspirational speaking to motivate people to take action. She is an avid sprout grower and a certified laughter yoga teacher. LEARN all about worms and vermicomposting – a viable solution for anywhere not being served by an organic collection program or access to outdoor composting. DISCOVER how worms convert organic matter into nature’s finest soil amendment known as castings. Feed the soil, not the plant. Vermicomposting is described from set-up to harvest. Worms are going to play an ever-increasing role in waste management, soil production and therefore food security. Find out how during this engaging, interactive Earth Day event!
Jacob Kearey-Moreland ~ Seed Swap & Workshop on Seed Saving & Growing a Community or School Garden
Jacob, “The People’s Gardener” (Now Magazine Toronto) grew up and grows on Bass Lake Farms near Orillia, Ontario. He was acknowledged as #7 “top environmentalist under 25 in Canada” for his reputation in the gardening and food movement, as well as for his work establishing community gardens and seed libraries. He is a community organizer, market gardener, seed saver, musician, public speaker, and journalist. 
A founding participant of Orillia Community Gardens, Orillia Food Council and the Toronto Seed Library, Jacob is also a board member for the non-profit organization The Seed Library Commons which exists to promote seed literacy and support free public access to seed collections inside public libraries, schools and other public spaces. Jacob is unabashedly PRO-PEAS and rooted in SOILidarity; envisioning a world free of hunger, poverty and war through the progressive realization of human rights, in particular the right to food and a healthy environment.
Luka Kramarchuk crop
Luka Kramarchuk
Age 12 – Gen –Earth Art and Crafts Director. Organic Farmer at Earth Valley Organics Ltd.
Artist, Author, & Duck Whisperer!
 Youth Advocate:  Animal Welfare, Real Food, Sustainability, Climate Action, Indigenous Rights, Clean Water
Luka will inspire you will all day nature inspired art and crafts creative activities for children of all ages!
Be amazed !

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